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Softball - Minors Rules



                                      2011 SOAC MINORS LEAGUE RULES

                                                A. AGE: Less than 11 years old on August 1, 2011



Minors will use 11" solid core softballs.

Minors (1) There will be one conference consisting of 4 teams. Each team will play a regular
season schedule. Team standings will be used to determine team position during the

  (2) Playoffs will be conducted as follows:

Team 1st best record plays Team 4th best record

Team 2nd best record plays Team 3rd best record

1 game, winners of each play in World Series

  (3) World Series will be a one game championship           
              Better regular season record team is home.
              Winner takes home Championship Trophy

              2nd place takes home Runner up Trophy



During first two games, we will have parents starting games. When pitchers are ready, we will
implement players pitching. During the first few weeks of play, we will have a parent from each
team call strikes and stand behind the pitcher.

If a pitcher hits two batters in 1 inning or walks 4 batters, a parent will finish that inning.

A new player will start the next inning.


(1) One parent, one youth or two youths (if no umpire is available for a game, then the
coaches or a mutually agreed upon parent will umpire when their team is in the field - from
behind the mound) will constitute the umpiring team for all games.

(2) The umpires assigned by the club are in complete charge of the games. Once a game
begins, the game is completely in the hands of the umpire.

(3) The umpire has the authority to:

(a) Eject any player or coach who persist in arguing a call and/or uses profane language
directed at the umpire, manager, coach or other players. The use of profane language is an
automatic ejection.

(b) Eject any player or coach for flagrant unsportsman-like conduct such as fighting or
throwing equipment or committing intentional over aggressive acts that could injure
another player. Anything here should be referred to the league commissioner


Each league game will be 6 innings of duration, or played to a 1.5 hr. limit.
(Playoff games will not have a time limit on them).

No inning will start after the expiration of the 1.5 hour time limit (Championship games
excluded.) (Any inning in progress will continue to its conclusion unless terminated by the
umpire due to weather conditions or darkness).

Games will begin promptly at the scheduled times. Teams should be at the assigned fields
AT LEAST one half hour prior to starting time. Each team will be allowed infield practice
for one half of the time interval between the end of the previous game and the scheduled

starting time of their games.

A game and score is official after the completion of 3 1/2 innings, with the home team
leading, or 4 innings with the visiting team ahead (Championship games excluded). Losing
team must have had 4 complete turns at bat. The score of an official game terminated

before the completion of six innings reverts to the score of the last complete inning.

Partial (incomplete) games or rainouts will be resumed from the point of play stoppage.

Official games that end in a tie after 6 innings, but where the two-hour time has not
expired, will continue until the time has run out. Games ending in a tie at the end of 6
innings will be recorded as "Ties". No replay or continuation will take place (Championship
games will continue until there is a winner).


Game cancellations will be at the discretion of both the managers. The decision should be
at least one hour prior to game time.

Generally, games will be cancelled only in extreme weather conditions, (i.e., heavy rains or
flooding). Threatening weather and/or damp grounds are not sufficient cause for

Games in progress may be "delayed" by the umpire. After a reasonable delay, games may
be terminated (if official) or suspended (if unofficial), at the discretion of the umpire,
based on existing conditions. Visible lightning causes immediate termination or suspension,
as appropriate.

If an entire day's slate of games is cancelled, the Commissioner will reschedule a full
replay program, probably pre-empting team practice and possibly requiring the playing of
Sunday afternoon games.

Be prepared for Sunday or weeknight games as needed due to rainouts. Makeup games
take priority over practice. Rescheduled games will be worked out between coaches.




Basic rules will be observed,

INCLUDING THE INFIELD FLY RULE, with the following exceptions: .

BATTING - Batting order: A rotating batting order will be used. If 12 players are listed
in the line-up the batting order will go from #1 - #12 then back to #1

TEN BATTER RULE: There will be a maximum of 10 batters in any half inning, providing
three outs have not occurred before the 10th batter comes to the plate.

**When the 10th batter is up, it will be as if there are two (2) outs regardless, although, if
there is a runner on third and the batter grounds out to the infield, the run will count.



Coaches are asked not to argue calls with the umpire so as to set an example for the
players. If a coach feels the umpire is performing inadequately, the coach should
talk privately to that umpire in between innings in a non-confrontational manner.





Please have both coaches keep final scores of games and email them to

Game results and team standings will be available from the League Commissioner upon
request. This info will be posted on our website., softball section.

Managers are encouraged to rotate players within the batting order and out in the field
from game to game. All players must play at least one inning in an infield position during
the game.


Infield Fly Rule:


Applies only with runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd and with less than two outs.

The umpire should call it, any time a catchable pop fly ball is hit within the infield
territory (from the edge of the outfield grass to homeplate). The batter will be called
out. The runners may advance at their own risk if in fair territory.




Players must wear protective batting helmets when "at bat" or waiting On-deck to bat

. All players on base must wear a protective running helmet.

. All players with the exception of those on the field or at bat must remain behind the
dugout fences.

  . No spectators, players or coaches will be permitted to stay behind the home plate

. Players shall not throw equipment. Such players are subject to ejection from the game
by the umpire.




Runners may "tag up" and advance at their own risk following the catch of a fly ball
(whether fair or foul) with one out or no outs. Wild throws and the subsequent awarding
of bases will depend on whether or not the ball is playable by a fielder. The umpire will
make a call based on his judgment within the following guidelines.

Baserunners and/or batters will be awarded one automatic free base when an unplayable
or dead ball situation exists: that is when the ball enters a spectator or player bench area
or is touched in these areas or is thrown under, over or through a fence or becomes stuck
in a fence or rolls into an uncleared area.

A baserunner and/or batter may attempt to advance, at his own risk, when an overthrow is
playable by a fielder and is considered a live ball.

BUNTING- No Swinging Bunts. An individual player is allowed to bunt in just one at bat per game,
unless both coaches agree to special circumstances prior to the start of the game.



STEALING IS ALLOWED at 2nd or 3rd Base.

Runner may advance only after the ball reaches the catcher. 1 base per pitch. Balls
thrown in dead ball territory ... Automatic 1 base except from 3rd base. No advances from 3rd.

A baserunner may steal anytime after the pitch reaches the catcher and before the
pitcher has received the ball back from the catcher and returned to the area of the
pitching mound.

If a catcher attempts to pick a runner off 1st or 2nd and throws the ball into the live area,
the baserunner may advance one base. A baserunner on 3rd my not advance under these

Baserunners leaving the base before the pitch has crossed the plate will result in the

. If the baserunner is thrown out, the out will stand .

. If the baserunner is safe, he will go back to the base of origin and a team warning will be
issued (1 warning per game). On the second offense (by any player), the baserunner will be
called out.

There is no stealing allowed for a team that has a 7 run lead. If the lead should be cut to
less than 5 runs, the team may resume stealing.



We will have (1) 1.5 hours of practice per week. We will be teaching players how to pitch at
least ½ hour per practice and try to have the players pitching batting practice. All coaches will
attend a class on how to teach pitching properly.   


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