Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Softball - Bantam Rules






Games are played with an 11 inch soft core ball


·        Game is played for 1 ½ hours.  Please ensure that each time has the same amount of at bats.  Coaches need to agree to the final inning at the 1 hour mark.

·        For the first ½ of the season, a coach or parent is picked to pitch for each team.  Each player gets 5 attempts to hit the ball in fair territory.  After 5 swings, that player is out (unless the 5th swing results in a foul ball at which point that player will have another chance to connect).

·        3 outs results in the changing of the sides or once a team has had 10 players up to bat.   There is no run limit as we don’t keep score at this level.

·        For the 2nd ½ of the season, the kids will pitch and a parent or coach will umpire calling balls and strikes.  If a child walks and/or hits 4 batters in an inning a coach/parent is required to pitch for the remainder of the inning.  The player may pitch again the next inning. 

·        A player may steal 2nd or 3rd base once the ball crosses the plate.  There is no stealing of home base.

·        We are encouraging catchers to attempt to throw out the player stealing and in the case of an errant throw; the runner may not advance another base.  

·        In the case of an errant throw during normal game play, the runners may only advance one base.  This is the case when the ball is thrown out of the field of play as well.

·        Each child is required to play at least one inning in the infield each game.

·        Each child is required to wear a helmet with face cage while at bat and on base.

·        Anyone that pitches must wear a faceguard while they are pitching.

·        There will be 10 players in the field, including 4 outfielders.

·        Every player will bat in the order set before the game beings, regardless if they are playing in the field or not.  Any player that arrives after the start of the game will be added onto the batting order at the bottom.  Since we are not keeping score at this level, a child can arrive any time prior to the end of the game and be placed at the bottom of the batting order

·         If a team is not able to field 10 girls, please have the opposing team fill the field.  We do not want any missed games so please ensure that each team has 10 girls on the field at all times.



Players must wear protective batting helmets when "at bat" or waiting On-deck to bat with a face guard

All Pitchers must wear a face guard when pitching

. All players on base must wear a protective running helmet.

. All players with the exception of those on the field or at bat must remain behind the 
dugout fences.

  . No spectators, players or coaches will be permitted to stay behind the home plate 

. Players shall not throw equipment. Such players are subject to ejection from the game.




We will have (1) 1.5 hours of practice per week. We will be teaching players how to pitch at least ½ hour per practice and try to have the players pitching batting practice. All coaches will attend a class on how to teach pitching properly.   




To learn the rules of the game, encourage team unity, respect and most of all, to have fun…



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