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Pony Rules


Pony Baseball Rules 2014

Please Note the following Rule change for 2014 regarding bats:
  • 2 ¾” barrel bats are NOT approved for play at any level.
  • Material is NOT a factor at any level of play.
  • Any 2 ¼” barrel non-wood bat that is marked with “1.15 BPF” and stamped “Approved for play in PONY Baseball” can be used at any level of play.
  • Any 2 5/8” barrel non-wood bat (that is not a -3) can be used at any level of play.
  • If a player wants to use a -3 non-wood bat, it MUST be BBCOR approved.
So the only changes from the 2011 season are:
  • 2 ¾” barrel bats are no longer legal
  • -3 bats must be BBCOR approved
NOTE: Coaches will have -3 BBCOR bats available to use.

1. ROSTERS: Players cannot be on more than one SOAC roster. Once a roster has
been established, no roster changes will be allowed. The only exception being the
commissioner may assign a late sign up (Maximum Roster Size

2. LEAGUE AGE: No player can be 17 before May 1st.

3. SCORE BOOKS: All teams must keep a score book. SCORE BOOKS are to be
made available to league officials upon request for the purpose of player eligibility,
pitchers, etc. Both teams MUST call or email the commissioner with the scores of
each game and the pitchers used (with the number of innings).

  • 4. EQUIPMENT: Protective headgear must be worn when batting or when running
    the bases. Any player who purposely removes his headgear while running from one
    base to another (at the discretion of the umpire) will be called out. All players must
    wear a protective cup during practice and games. Catchers must wear a catcher's
    mask and protective headgear during practice and all games. Metal cleats are
    allowed. Baseball bats - please see note above
  • 5. MOVEABLE BASES: On those fields were the bases move, the player should
    remain at the regular position of the base. The umpire will allow play to be completed
    and then call a time out
    . If the runner makes an attempt to advance to the next base,
    the runner will be called out if tagged. In the event of a base being kicked out by the
    preceding runner, the runner should follow the normal base path (Do not chase after
    the kicked base).

    6. PROTESTS: The only protests that will be allowed are ROSTER, PLAYER
    ELIGIBILITY AND PITCHER ELIGIBILITY. Any protests meeting this criterion
    must be reported to the commissioner within 24 hours of the game involved. The
    PROTEST will be reviewed by the commissioner and the Director of Baseball.


    7. GAME START: As scheduled. A fifteen minute grace period will be allowed, after
    which a team unable to field eight uniformed players will forfeit the game. Equal time
    for both teams should be allowed for warm up.

    8. GAME LENGTH: Doubleheaders will consist of two 6-inning games or 2 hours
    whichever comes first
    . Single games will play 7 innings. In the event that a game fails
    to reach a minimum limit of 4 innings played (3 Vt. if the home team is ahead) it is not
    a complete game and must be replayed as a new game. Playoff games will be
    consisting of one 7-inning game per round. All teams will make the playoffs.

    9. PARTICIPATION: All players, provided they report by game time must play at

    least 2 full innings of each game.

    a. If a team starts the game with 8 players, a ninth must be added if one shows up

    at any time after the game starts (first to show plays.)


    c. Any player that arrives after the completion of the THIRD inning will not be
    required to play 2 full innings but must play.

    d. The batting out of order rule will apply.

    10. PITCHERS:

    a.      No player may pitch more than 6 innings per doubleheader (Sat or Sun), or
      more than 4 innings per game.

    b.      A pitcher who has been removed from the game cannot return to the mound,
      but may play another field position.

    c.       If a pitcher throws one pitch in an inning, that pitcher will be charged with a
      full inning pitched.

    d.      Coaches are allowed 1 visit per inning to the mound. On the second visit in an
       inning that pitcher must be removed.

    e.  No High School Players that PITCH for the H.S. Team can pitch in Rec.
    f.  A pitcher will be allowed 8 warm up pitches when first entering the game and
           5 warm-up pitches for each subsequent inning.

    g.  NO CURVE BALLS (If the umpire determines that a curveball has been
               thrown, a warning will be issued and the pitch will be recorded as a ball
               regardless of whether the batter swung or not
    . The second curve ball thrown
               will result in the pitcher being removed from the mound. There will be no
               exceptions to this rule).

          h.  In the playoffs pitchers can pitch a maximum of 4 innings per game and 9

               innings per week (Sun-Sat)

    11. BALK RULES: The balk rule will be in effect after the 4th regular season game.
    The umpire will issue ONE WARNING PER PITCHER before calling a balk
    Interpretation of a balk is as follows

    a.       Any feint attempt toward the batter or 1 st base, or any dropping of the ball
    (even though accidentally, when standing on the rubber with a runner on

    b.      Failing to step with the non-pivot foot directly toward a base (occupied or
    not) when throwing or feinting in an attempt to put out or drive back a

    c.       Failing to pitch to the batter in a continuous motion immediately after
    any movement of any part of the body normally used in a pitchers

    d.      Taking a hand off the ball while in the set position unless the pitcher throws
    to a base or steps toward or feints a throw to second or third base.

     e.   Failing to pitch to the batter when the entire non pivot foot passes
    perpendicular plane of the front edge of the pitching plate except when
    feinting or throwing to second or third base.

        f.       Failing to come to a complete and discernable stop or turning of the shoulders
        while in the set position

    12. LEADING: Leading will be allowed for all games.

    13. SLIDING: A base runner shall be ruled out, when in the umpire's judgment, the
    base runner intentionally makes contact with an opponent; or he purposely runs into
    an opponent who has possession of the baseball, for the reason of jarring the ball
    loose. The only option the base runner has in that situation is to slide or go around

    14. Batters may advance on a dropped third strike.

    15. UMPIRES: Umpires will be assigned to each game as directed by the umpire
    . A combination of patch and older students will be used.

    a.    An umpire's call will not be protested at any time.

    b.    Ground rules must be covered prior to the game.

    16. GAME DELAYS OR POSTPONEMENTS: All postponements will be
    played when fields are available and conditions allow.

    a. If it is raining or the field is wet, the managers or commissioner may
    call the game before it has started. Once the game starts the umpire or
    will decide if the game should be canceled.

    b. Lightning-In the event of lightning -play will not resume until the
    umpire determines that it is safe to play (umpires must wait 15 minutes without
    lightning before resuming the game).

    17. SPORTSMANSHIP: It is the Coaches responsibility that their Players Always act
    in a Sportsmanship type manner while in a Game or at Practice.

    A. Any Player who is seen Throwing Equipment, Speaking in a
    Disrespectful Manner to the Umpire, Coaches and other Players will be Ejected fr
    the Game.

    B. A Player may be ejected from a Game for ANY Unsportsmanlike
    behavior, at the discretion of the Umpire, Director of Baseball, Commissioner and or
    any Board Member who witnesses such behavior.

    C. A Player ejected from a Game for ANY reason will be SUSPENDED
    for the NEXT Game. A suspension is defined by the Player attending the Game in his
    Game Team Shirt and remaining in the Dugout throughout that Game.


    Schedules will be posted on the web sites. All updates & cancellations will also 
    be posted here. Please notify your parents that they should check the site 
    regularly. www.shruboakac.org


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